3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 Head Shield without ADF Lens

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Manufacturers Part No: SP501800
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Product Overview

  • 3M 9100 helmet is designed for ultimate protection and welder comfort, making this welding shield one of your most important welding tools.

    9100 shields protect your eyes and face from harmful radiation, heat and sparks, whilst providing a precise view of your work piece.

    Three sizes of welding filters are available to suit most welding and cutting applications.

    Available with side windows with replaceable covers that allow for enhanced peripheral and downward viewing, reducing the "tunnel vision" effect.

    Side exhaust vents ensure that these helmets will resist steaming whilst in operation.

    Two crown straps gently saddle the top of the head for increased shield stability offering better weight distribution without the need to tighten the headband as much as you would on a conventional shield.

    Better coverage, these shields are deeper and wider providing greater protection of the ears, neck and sides of the head.

    The 9100 shields also offer much better balance as a result of its lower pivot point.    

    These shields can be fitted with any of the 3M auto-darkening filter lenses below:

    77091  Speedglas 9100V ADF lens 5,8,9-13, Viewing area 45mm x 93mm

    77218  Speedglas 9100X ADF  lens 5,8,9-13, Viewing area 54mm x107mm

    77219  speedglas 9100XX ADF lens 5,8,9-13, Viewing area 73mm x107mm