Aerem EF813 Spray Booth Filter – 0.9 x 9.2M

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Product Overview

  • White faced pleated filter for removing the bulk of wet and dry overspray from within the spray booth area.


    Can be used with any paint, varnish or lacquer spraying application for furniture, vehicles or any other sprayable items.

    Enables the filter to maintain an unformed airflow around the spray area.

    Professional quality filter; holds more paint particles than other types.

    Easy to install and lasts longer than standard fibreglass filters.

    The optimum distance between the peaks of corrugation should be 3.85cm – this amount of extension provides the best level of filtration.

    Identical to the original Andreae filters which have now been rebranded Aerem.


    Dimensions: 0.9 metres wide x 9.2 metres long

    Overall surface area: 8.35m2

    Holding capacity: up to 18 kg/m2

    Filtration efficiency: 98.1%

    Recommended air velocity: 0.25 – 1.0 m/s

    Pressure drop:  

                             8 pa at 0.25 m/s

                             20 pa at 0.50 m/s

                             30 pa at 0.75 m/s

                             40 pa at 1.0 m/s

    Maximum recommended pressure drop: 128 pa

    Maximum possible pressure drop: 256pa