Alfra RB8OX 80 X 50 Magnetic 110V Broaching Machine

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Product Overview

  • Alfra RB80X Magnetic Drill for cutting holes into steel work ideal for steel erectors for pearling work on new builds.


    Magnetic Drill for drilling holes up to 80mm diameter and 50mm depth.

    Machine has 2 speed gearbox.

    Adjustable Head to take standard drill bits.


    Weight: 19.5Kg

    Motor: 1800W

    Voltage: 110V / 230V

    Broaching Cutting dimension: 12 – 80mm

    Cutting depth: 50mm

    Twist drill: Ø 1.0 – 16.0 mm with chuck and MT3 adaptor to Ø 32.0 mm with MT 3 DIN 345 bits.

    Countersunk 10mm  to 55mm

    Tapping with tapping attachment up to M30

    Stroke: 190mm

    Magnet Foot: 92mm x 220mm

        Arbor: MT3

        4-speed-gearbox On-load speed: 1. Gear 110 rpm.                                                        2. Gear 175 rpm.                                                        3. Gear 245 rpm.                                                        4. Gear 385 rpm.     Weight: 19.5 kg

    Included as Standard: Tool holder AMT-3 No internal cooling, Safety belt, Guard, Coolant unit, Transport case and Operation manual.