Avesta 309L-3D Electrodes for Stainless and Unalloyed Steels

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Product Overview

  • AVESTA 309L-3D is an over-alloyed electrode intended for welding stainless steel to unalloyed or low-alloy steels.

         It has a thin,rutile-acid type coating and is designed for welding with either AC or positive polarity DC.

         It has a composition that, under normal welding conditions, ensures a crack resistant weld metal.

         This electrode can also be used for welding some high temperature steels.

         Superior to 308L when surfacing mild steel a corrosion resistance equivalent to that of ASTM 304 is obtained already in the first bead.


         EN 1600 E 23 12 L R

         AWS A5.4 E309L-17

         Mechanical properties;

                                           Typical values (IIW)       Min.values EN 1600


         Yield strength Rp0.2      460 N/mm2                 320 N/mm2


         Tensile strength Rm       590 N/mm2                 510 N/mm2


         Elongation A5                29 %                          25 %

         Impact strength KV


         +20°C                           50 J

     Hardness approx.         210 Brinell