Deb Swarfega Jizer Degreaser 25L

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Product Overview

  • Powerful effective dissolving action will remove heavy deposits of mineral oil, grease, tar, bitumen, and waxes from a wide range of metals, plastics and painted surfaces.

    Economicconcentrated strength and high absorption rate ensures only a small amount will remove a high level of soiling.

    Highly effective quickly and thoroughly cleans engines, motors, components and parts and machinery and tools.

    Safer with a high flash point of not less than 61°C makes it safer to use than most other degreasers.

    Designed to prevent corrosion  with added rust inhibitor helps reduce corrosion during the degreasing process.

    Water risiblewith special emulsifiers ensure soiling’s can be easily rinsed off with water leaving surfaces clean and non-greasy.

    Compatible on all metal and metal components and will not stain or damage most plastics, synthetic rubber or paints.

    Reusable and rapidly separates from dirt and grime for repeated usage and high economy in use.