Dykem 916 Brite-Mark Paint Markers

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Product Overview

  • Dykem® BRITE-MARK® is a general purpose permanent paint marker ideal for making clear, bold markings on almost any surface.

    BRITE-MARK® can be used to permanently identify inventory, assemblies, tools, finished products or work-in-progress while resisting most work related abuses or compounds.

    Its quick drying none xylene oil-based paint withstands indoor and outdoor conditions without fading, chipping or losing its opacity.

    Ideal for making permanent bright marks on metal, rubber, plastic, glass, concrete, leather, stone, wood, vinyl and more.

    Valve actuated mechanism prevents paint in barrel from drying when cap is left off.

    Bullet tips are replaceable to ensure complete use of paint in each marker.

    Heavy duty aluminum body with large paint capacity is Ideal for colour code marking.

    Drying Time: 25 – 35 seconds.