Guard 80 Alcohol Based Surface Sanitiser Spray Canister 22L

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Product Overview

  • Guard 80 is an alcohol based sanitiser spray, containing over 80% alcohol for the rapid and effective disinfecting of any hard or soft surfaces. Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms and fungi – creating a safe space within just five minutes.

    Specially formulated and effective alcohol based sanitiser, designed for industrial and commercial cleansing applications.

    Guard 80 meets BS EN 14476 (viruses), BS EN 1276 (bacteria) and BS EN 1650 (food safe) standards.

    Fast-acting surface cleaner sprays evenly, sanitises and then evaporates leaving no residue behind.

    Designed to disinfect rooms without causing major disturbances to normal usage, leaving a fresh, clean and pleasant odour.

    Alcohol based sanitisers have been found to be effective at combating many types of bacteria and viruses including influenza A, Rhinovirus and strains of Coronavirus.

    Manufactured in the UK to World Health Organisation specifications for sanitising products.

    Supplied in a fully portable and self-contained 22 litre canister for high coverage applications. One canister can cover up to 650m².

    Application is via a canister spray gun and hose, with specific Guard 80 spray Gun tip  – accessories available separately.

    Simply connect the hose to the canister with a spanner, turn on the canister valve, spray from up to 300mm from the surface and turn the valve off once treatment is finished.

    Ideal for applying quickly and easily to large surface areas, touchpoints in workspaces and any other areas that need to undergo sanitation and disinfection.

    Colourless fine mist spray can also get into hard-to-reach places.

    Typical Applications:

    Construction sites, welfare areas, accommodation, toilet areas and washrooms, staff and public amenities, plant cabs, truck cabs, tractor cabs, van fleets, machine operator areas, production lines, public transport, aircraft and airports, rental cars, car dealerships, showrooms, waiting rooms, reception areas, offices, corridors, canteens and food processing areas, NHS, hospitals and healthcare, sports stadiums, leisure and fitness, swimming pools, hotels and restaurants, racing industry, play equipment, shopping centres – plus much more.