Imex MP100 Moisture Meter Pro

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Product Overview

  • The new high accuracy Moisture Pro from IMEX is an easy to operate tool to measure the moisture in timber and construction materials such as drywall.

    The Imex MP100 Moisture Pro is a pin-type Digital Moisture Meter with large, easy to read LCD Display. It offers accurate moisture-level readings for wood, plaster and drywall. Use the moisture meter during an inspection, when you pick up timber or before painting drywall.

    The pin-type moisture meter allows the operator to pinpoint the exact moisture location. As the pins pierce the wall, an exact moisture poercentage is obtained and you’ll know whether to dry or fully replace the affected area.


    Large easy read LCD.

    Timber reading 5 – 50% moisture.

    Construction material reading 1.5-33% moisture.

    Helps ensure appropriate levels of surface dryness before painting, sealing or treating wood or drywall.

    Coloured LED moisture indicators.

    LCD display with hold button to freeze/hold reading.

    Protection cap for pins.

    Separate low, medium and high scales, icons and tones for wood and building materials.

    Blue 5-11.9%.

    Green 12-15.9% Mild.

    Red 16-50% Excessive.