Klingspor QRC 910 Quick Change Disc for Stainless Steel

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Product Overview

  • Klingspor QRC 910 Quick Change Disc is the perfect tool for users who need to process stainless steel and high-alloy steel.

    The close coating of the aluminium oxide abrasive grain gives the disc the aggressive abrasive properties necessary to deliver a high removal rate and a long service life. Since Klingspor solely relies on synthetically manufactured ceramic, the quality and grit of the abrasive grain always remain the same. Applied with a close coating, the grain is ideal for work on such materials as stainless steel and high-alloy steel.

    Ceramic aluminium oxide results in an irregularly shaped grain that is marked by a microcrystalline structure. This grain used for the Quick Change Discs quick roll connect is applied with a close coating and bonded with synthetic resin. This close coating covers almost the entire surface of the disc with microcrystalline, self-sharpening grain. It, thereby, equips the disc with the aggressive abrasive properties necessary to perform well even when sanding such hard materials as steel. Synthetic resin is an extremely strong bonding agent with high adhesive force. Compared to natural bonding agents, synthetic resin provides for greater grit adhesion, an enhanced and more uniform finish and a longer service life of the abrasive disc.

    Work with ultimate speed and safety thanks to Klingspor Quick Change Discs.

    The Quick Change Discs quick roll connect QRC 910 is safely mounted on the backing pad in no time flat thanks to its plastic threaded sleeve. A 180° turn clockwise is all it takes to safely lock the Quick Change Disc in place on the backing pad. The backing pad is the perfect complement to the abrasive disc. This is why its hardness determines if the disc will deliver a high removal rate including extreme aggressiveness or be suitable for fine sanding applications. A harder backing pad provides for a higher stock removal rate.


    Straightforward handling – The quick and easy tool change reduces set-up times, thereby increasing efficiency during the finishing of the work piece.

    Wide range of applications – Klingspor Quick Change Discs afford the user suitability for diverse applications thanks to their different dimensions and backing plate hardnesses.

    Ease of use – Simple handling and smooth running characteristics guarantee uniform finishes and effortless work.



    NF metals

    Stainless steel

    High-alloy stainless steels

    Paint, Varnish, Filler