Lenox Lube Band Saw Cutting Fluid 5 Litres

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Product Overview

  • Lenox Lube band saw cutting fluid is a clean synthetic lubricant for spray applications.

    Advanced formula enables superior cutting performance when minimum quantity lubrication is required.

    Significantly reduced costs versus flood systems as there is much less waste and no fluid disposal costs.

    The extreme pressure lubricant reduces frictional heat, preventing chip welding and extending the tool life.

    Clean synthetic water-based formulation is environmentally friendly and safe to use. 

    Ideal for use on ferrous metals including carbon and alloy steels, tool steels and stainless steels.

    Does not contain silicone, therefore surfaces can be welded or painted over after application.

    Can be used with the Lenox Micronizer System.

    Size: 5 litres.