Metabo 18V LiHD 5.5Ah Battery

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Product Overview

  • The Metabo Free Battery Promotion is back… but this time you can redeem up to three batteries + a LED torch. Simply spend over a total of £289 inc.vat, submit your proof of purchase at Metabo and redeem your free battery/batteries. 1st February – 30th June 2021.

    Metabo Li-ion HD is a completely new dimension in technology, the combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely newly developed components in the pack ensure that maximum power remains available for an extremely long service time, Metabo has perfected this revolutionary battery pack technology to its pinnacle.


    The Li-ion HD batteries have been entirely re-engineered to include a new electro mechanical design which features massive power rails and enlarged cell connectors made from a special CU alloy. These are designed to conduct the current with reduced losses and ensure that all of the useable energy in the battery is available for the tool. Intelligent battery management system, all the relevant information is stored on the microchip of the battery pack, this microchip communicates with the electronics of the machine and the charger and ensures an efficient and gentle charging process as well as ideal energy usage when working – for maximum power and service life.

    Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) is designed to protect each and every battery cell from discharging completely and from overcharging this gives extremely long battery life.

    The patented air cooled charging technology ensures that the battery pack is cooled by a fan in the charger, this produces shorter charging time and longer service life.


    67 % more power – permits completely new applications with battery powered machines.

    87 % longer run time – for even more endurance.

    100 % longer service life – makes your investment even safer.

    100 % compatible and fits all current and future cordless machines from the Metabo pick n mix range.

    Opting to upgrade your existing li-ion battery for a new Li-ion HD unit will offer you much better ergonomics, for example the 3.1Ah Li-ion HD battery will give you the same performance as the 4.0Ah pack, but it’s lighter and more compact.


    3 Years Warranty on all Metabo Power Tools including Batteries & Chargers when registered.