Optrel Panoramaxx PAPR Auto Darkening Head Shield 5-12

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Product Overview

  • The Panoramaxx  PAPR combines Optrel’s ground-breaking innovations with an unprecedented Panorama view making it the most advanced  welding helmet of its time. The Optrel Panoramaxx is one of the most innovative and ergonomically optimal welding helmets to date, expanding the welder’s field of vision without compromising on comfort.


    The unique nose cut-out on the Panoramaxx floats above the nose to position the auto-darkening display closer to the eyes. This offers a 6 times larger field of vision than standard welding helmets and is still a lightweight at only 550 g.

    The large viewing area of the Panoramaxx in combination with the 2.5 shade at light state and the Optrel True colour optics opens an entirely new visual dimension to the welding experience. The specially developed UV/IR filter allows the realistic colour perception typical of Optrel, bringing colour to the welder’s world.

    The Panoramaxx features Optrel’s patented autopilot function, the unique 5-sensor array measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts to the correct shade level. Autopilot detection of the arc brightness and fully automated shade level adjusts automatically between 5 to 12.

    The Panoramaxx also marks the launch of Optrel’s unique new power system. Featuring a lithium-polymer power pack in combination with high-performance solar cells and an external USB charging option, the Panoramaxx is the energy independent, maintenance free choice for professional welders.


    Solar cells power supply, lithium-polymer battery also rechargeable by USB-cable.

    Battery operating time approximately 1000 hours.

    Five sensors.

    Infinitely adjustable, now with “super high” sensitivity.

    Switching time light to dark: 0.090 ms at room temperature at 55°C 0.070 ms at 55°C.

    Switching time dark to bright: 0.1 s to 1.5 s (with dimming function).

    Field of vision: Depending on headband setting, 2.3x to 6.3x field of vision of a 100 x 50 mm standard industry ADF.

    Classification:  Optical class: 1

    Scattered light: 1

    Homogeneity: 1

    Angular dependence: 2

    Shape stability:    Welding mask: up to 220 °C / 428 °F

    Front cover lens: up to 137 °C / 279 °F

    Welding helmet weight: 530g

    Standards CE, ANSI, complies with CSA

    Included as Standard: Welding Helmet, Manual, Storage Bag, Micro USB Cable, Warranty Card & Front Cover Lens.

    Exclusive 3 Years Warranty on all Optrel Welding Helmets excluding Batteries when registered.