Spit Multi-Max Plus Universal Chemical Fixing Resin 300ml

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Product Overview

  • Spit Multi-Max Plus is a multipurpose universal chemical fixing resin for the construction industry – tested and approved for a broad range of base materials ranging from concrete and solid masonry to brick and block.

    Multi Max Plus is odourless and 100% styrene, phthalate, phenol, and vinyl toluene free.

    Ideal for use in low ventilated areas – Volatile Organic Compound VOC free: Rating: A+.

    The resin can also be used effectively in dry and humid conditions.

    MultiMax Plus vinylester resin can be used safely in a wide variety of critical applications, with threaded studs up to M24 diameter.

    Can be used for internal and external fixing applications.

    With the ability to cure quickly within the UK temperature spectrum, Multi-Max is an ideal multi-use resin for most applications.

    The resin does not expand, hence can even be used close to edges.

    Ideal for most construction fixing applications including steel framed structures, rebar, machinery (resistant to vibration), safety barriers, handrails, security shuttering, kitchen furniture, mechanical and electrical services.

    300ml tube is compatible with any standard mastic gun.

    Twin chamber cartridge ensures ideal mix of product reducing initial product waste.

    Supplied with 2 x mixing nozzles.

    Resin colour: grey.

    Chemical cure time at 20°C: 50 minutes.

    ETA and CE marked.

    ETA approval numbers: ETA-22/0524, ETA-22/0523, ETA-22/0522 and ETA 22/0522.

    Genuine ITW Spit product from an authorised distributor: 060237