Valmy Cyrano Moulded Face Mask FFP3

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Manufacturers Part No: CYRANO-XC
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£29.50 box
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Product Overview


    The Cyrano moulded face mask offers maximum filtration and respiratory comfort as well as giving maximum FFP3 protection. Ultra-comfortable; you can completely forget you have a mask on. Its gentle feel against your skin and light weight offers FFP1 respiratory comfort with FFP3 filtration, proving its suitability for prolonged intensive work. There is now no more reason to manage without a face mask.


    The revolutionary non-woven filtration fabric makes breathing effortless either in or out.

    When inhaling, the whole filtering material creates an effective barrier against solid and liquid particles and purifies inhaled air without involving any resistance.

    When exhaling the whole surface makes exhaled air release easier, breathing comfort is considerably enhanced and the wearer gets optimal protection.

    The mask’s shape makes it completely airtight and its elastic straps bring it snug against the without pulling your hair.

    The adjustable nose piece allows the mask to fit many different face shapes.

    Two soft head straps allow for a snug fit without pinching or pulling.

    Manufactured in Europe for consistent certified quality.

    Highest level of dust protection – FFP3.

    Conforms to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 providing protection against harmful materials in concentrations up to 50 x OEL or 20 x APF.

    No metal clip means the mask is totally recyclable.