Victor Edge ESS3 Single Stage Regulators

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Product Overview

  • Innovative Victor EDGE™ series regulators offer safety and advanced design over traditional type regulators on the market.

    Victor continues to offer the safest, most reliable and highest quality gas control regulators, giving  greater value for your money.

    Most regulators have multiple impact points if the bottle falls over ,the Victor Edge Series is designed with a single controlled impact point to prevent stem breakage.

    The regulator housing cap is constructed of a zinc-aluminum alloy which has nearly twice the yield strength of brass.

    Colour coded knobs for quick gas identification, that offer more natural and safer hand/body positioning for adjusting delivery pressure.

    The Edge is smaller, lighter and more compact, the unique configuration protects all elements critical to system integrity including:

    High and low pressure gauges built in and recessed into the body for protection, easy to read gauges with enhanced graphics.

    High-strength diaphragm assembly.  

    Seat mechanism.

    Safety relief valve.

    Outlet hose connection.

    The internal vent system of the regulator is designed to protect from weather elements. It is recessed and channeled for water run-off and protected under the adjusting knob.

    It’s easy for a regulator to maintain good flow performance when inlet pressures are high, but cylinder pressure decay is inevitable, a regulator needs to perform well across the entire range of cylinder pressures.This is where the Edge regulator outperformed the competition.

    Better flow control across a full range of cylinder pressures.  

    Exceptional sensitivity and precision in delivery pressure control.

    The Victor edge series regulator meets or exceeds all industry standards. It passes all CGA E-4 compliance testing, including the heated oxygen impact test, and all requirements of the UL 252 standard for compressed gas regulators.

    The Edge regulator has the highest resistance to oxygen related fires in the industry, It passes the stringent ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test, It is fault tolerant in the event of an inboard ignition source in oxygen use.