Weco Discovery 300T EVO DC TIG Inverter 300Amp 3ph 400v

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Product Overview

  • The Weco Discovery 300T Evo is a revolutionary state-of-the art 3 phase portable DC TIG and MMA welding Inverter, providing excellent arc characteristics.Thanks to its dimensions and its industrial duty cycle the 300T Evo is one of the best options on the market, for small, medium or larger workshops. Its portability also makes it ideal for maintenance departments, food Process industry, steel construction, chemical plants, power generation Industry, shipyards and off-shore operations. Materials such as carbon steels, stainless steel and copper can be easily welded in TIG DC, simple selection of the MMA mode provides a choice of the electrode-type (basic, rutile, CrNi, Alu) settings, resulting in optimizing the weldability and parameters. The user interface provides easy, fast and effective access to all available functions. 50 programs or jobs can be loaded and saved in machines memory. Programs can be easily recalled when using an Up/Down torch and it’s also possible to create different job sequences to be used on specific applications.


    Weco Special HF control gives 100% rapid and precise striking.

    The DYNAMIC ARC function allows an increase of the welding current when the arc voltage decreases and vice verse (the power source reduces the welding current if the arc voltage increases). The Dynamic Arc value can be adjusted from a minimum of 10 amps to a maximum of 50 amps with each variation of 1 Volt, whether this is positive or negative. This value should be set in accordance with the thickness of the base material, and the type of processing that has to be carried out, a value between 1amps and 20amps is recommended for thin gauge material, and values between 20amps and 50amps for thicker gauge. The Dynamic Arc function also permits the welding with extremely short arcs, when the electrode is extremely close to the base material, the current increases and avoids the contact of the electrode, by shifting of the welding pool. This prevents both the electrode’s sticking to the material and the inclusion of tungsten’s particles into the weld deposits. Despite the arc length variations the energy absorption remains constant throughout the welding process.

    The Q-START (Quick Start) function makes it possible to minimize tacking time. A series of adjustable pulses, creates a movement of molten material between the two edges of the material being joined in order to accelerate the joint. This function is invaluable in the case of seams with slight openings or with irregular preparation. The alternation of high and low current pulses, constantly changes the electric arc geometry from wide to narrow. This stimulates movement of the molten material, which follows the arc geometry, it is such that the two molten edges are rapidly brought into contact. The duration of the series of pulses can be adjusted, from 0.1 to 10seconds depending on the thickness and shape of the material being joined.Q-START also offers a more rapid start of the welding process, when it is used for tacking, it is also possible to obtain very clear tack without the normal oxidation stains.

    The MULTITACK function makes it possible to minimize the heat output when joining two thinner gauge parts. The series of repeated arc strikes at short time pre-set intervals allows the material to cool during the pause, and between one strike and the next. The Adjusting of the arc strikes’ frequency in the timer unit, makes it possible the optimizing both the welding penetration and execution speed, above all the heat output remains totally under control, drastically reducing the possibility of work piece deformation.When fillet welding it is possible with the use of Multitack, to achieve excellent results. The weld remains white and without any surface discolouration or oxidation, thus reducing the need for acid treatments which often must be applied post welding.

    The new Q SPOT function greatly facilitates the spot welding process: It allows precise positioning of the electrode in the point to be joined at the closest possible distance. The electrode is conveniently placed on the fixing point so the operator can perfectly control the entire cycle. Once the electrode is lifted the machine emits a welding current pulse with a present time. This means that the sheet metal edges are instantly joined with the minimum heat transfer. The risk of contamination of the joint and the electrode falls significantly.1. Positioning of the torch with the electrode on the work piece.2. Press the torch trigger and keep it pressed.3. Lift the torch slightly. As soon as the electrode is lifted then the HF ignition starts.4. The arc ignites for few hundredths of a second, the duration can be altered on the timer set up.5. The result of this is a very precise, not oxidized welding spot, without any deformation of the sheet.

    TIG DC standard functions include Pre Gas, Post Gas, Up Slope, Down Slope, Start Current, and Final Current.

    A wide range of adjustable pulse frequencies together with extra parameter controls (Base Current and Duty Cycle) allows operating in slow pulse and fast pulse.Fast Pulse TIG DC gives a focused arc for optimum performance when welding thinner material, offering lower deformations. Slow pulse TIG DC  is recommended for thicker plate and welding with TIG filler rods. Pre-set balanced parameters are also stored in a Synergic Pulse TIG DC Curve, simplify pulsed welding by adjusting only the welding current.

    Trigger control settings include 2T/4T/Bi-Level and Spot Welding.

    Adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force and automatic Anti Sticking facilitate operations with up to 6mm diameter electrodes in MMA welding.

    Fan on demand and Built-in Wind Tunnel protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness and improves reliability


    Mains Voltage: 3 x 400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz

    Mains Protection: 20 Amps.

    Welding Modes: TIG

    Current Range: 5A – 300 Amps

    Working Cycle: (40°C) 200 Amps @ 100%

    Welding Mode: MMA

    Current Range: 10A – 300 Amps

    Working Cycle (40°C): 200 Amps @ 100%

    Size (L x D x H): 460 x 230 x 325mm.

    Weight: 20.8kg.

    Supplied with: Tigama 26FX 8 meter switched & sheathed TIG torch, 2 gauge single stage Argon regulator, flowmeter, 3 meter 35mm welding cable with 35/50mm dinse connector and 200 Amps Nevada type earth clamp,

                      3 meter heavy duty gas hose and fittings.