Weco Pioneer 401MSR Synergic Water Cooled MIG/MAG Inverter

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Product Overview

  • The Pioneer 401 MSR is a 3 phase inverter with separated WF107 wire-feeder, 4 meter interconnections and wire feeder wheel kit. It offers manual  and synergic MIG-MAG applications and the wide range of synergic programs which facilitates the selection of precise welding parameters covering a full range of different welding wires.

    Pioneer 401MSR features:

    HAC (Hybrid Arc Control) offers flawless welding with a soft and very stable welding arc, low heat input in both short and spray arc.

    In spray arc HAC allows you to have a short spray arc with better penetration of the root, lower heat input and higher welding speed with no edge cutting and spattering.

    HAC gives an optimal fusion of the bead’s edges in short arc welding, this helps to make overhead and vertical up position welding simple.

    When welding thin plates HAC allows welding in the vertical down position with gaps of up to 5mm wide.

    HAC gives smooth and controlled short arc at lower parameters too, very low spatter and good edge wetting. Very low heat input and small deformation are achieved whilst welding on thin plate material.

    In small globular arc range the welding is always perfect with low spatter even with a high level of CO2 mixed gas.

    Quality of the weld beams similar to what you would achieve if welding with a pulse MIG.

    Inductance and start/finish parameters are optimized in the synergic setting.

    Pioneer 401 MSR Specification:

    Mains Voltage: 3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz

    Mains protection: 25amps.

    Welding mode MIG

    Current Range 20 – 400amps.

    Working cycle (40°C) 320 amps @ 100%

    Power Source Size: 1110 x 550 x 9255mm

    Power source weight: 72.5Kg

    WF107 Wire Feeder Features:

    Easy selection of synergic welding curves, simply set the desire synergic curve, select main welding parameter, set main welding parameter, and then weld.

    4 Roll wire feed system with adjustable wire feed pressure to ensure uninterrupted wire feeding on a variety of wire types.

    Pre and Post gas delivery for before the welding arc is created and after the welding arc is extinguished,  creating in an uncontaminated atmosphere, this is useful when welding at high current values or with materials that oxidise readily when the weld pool cools.

    Gas flow adjustment button opens the gas solenoid valve to fill the circuit and calibrate the pressure with the regulator and flow meter on the gas cylinder.

    Various torch trigger selections are available to ensure the best possible results on more difficult to perform processes. 3T special allows you to set and recall 3 different current levels by pushing the trigger switch in order to achieve top quality weld beads, highly recommended when aluminium welding.

    Personalised welding settings, or jobs can be stored in the memory locations and can subsequently be uploaded when required, up to 99 jobs can be saved. This function is unrivalled when application repeatability is required and set welding parameters need to be achieved.

    Locking facility, this procedure inhibits unit adjustments, allowing the user to modify only certain settings depending on the selected lock status, this prevents accidental alteration of the welding settings by the operator, helps to set welding parameters.

    Euro adaptor connector for  MIG/MAG torch.

    WF107 Wire Feeder Specification:

    Supply voltage: 48 V A.C.

    Work cycle 450amp @ 60 %

    Welding current 450 Amp

    MIG/MAG welding voltage: 14.2 V – 29.0 V

    Maximum gas pressure: 0,5 MPa (5 bar)

    Motor speed: 1.5 – 22.0 m/min

    Maximum Wire spool: (dimensions/weight) 300 mm / 15 kg

    Dimensions ( L x D x H ): 245 x 670 x 470 mm

    Protection rating IP23

    Standards EN 60974-5, EN 60974-10 Class A

    Weight: 21.5 kg

    Supplied with: Tigama 500 Water Cooled 4m MIG Torch, Elga Optimator Regulator, 3m 70mm Welding Cable with 50/70mm Dinse Connector and 600A Myking Type Earth Clamp.