Weco Pioneer 403MSR Air Cooled Synergic MIG/MAG Inverter

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Product Overview

  • The Weco Pioneer 403MSR  is a 3 phase Industrial synergic MIG/MAG inverter power source with WF-203 separated wire feeder for short circuit arc or spray transfer welding on steels and stainless steel. The 400amp 100% duty cycle (at 40°C) allows you to work continuously, even on applications which require longer production times.

    Pioneer 403MSR Features:

    Power Focus. The difference between standard MIG/MAG welding when compared with Power Focus is to be found in the concentration and the precision of the arc. The concentration of the arc in the Power Focus mode allows you to confine the high arc temperature precisely into the middle of the weld deposition, this helps to eliminate overheating of the weld edges and can increase welding speeds by up to 20%. On butt welding applications the Power Focus arc stays concentrated in the exact middle of the weld seam, this ensures that full penetration can be achieved. Using this function it’s also possible to work successfully on very narrow weld seams with stick out lengths up to 50mm and still achieve maximum penetration. This means that joints can now be successfully produced using narrower bevel angles, this will help to enormously reduce joint preparation times. The number of weld passes required will also be greatly reduced, meaning that up to 40% less volume of filler material is required to fill and achieve the butt joint.

    Power Root, is a function developed for improving and simplifying the root pass required on certain welding applications on weld seams. The Power Root Arc is perfectly suited for the joining of weld seams which may have a significant gap or irregular preparation. The arc will remain highly stable during various applications and allows optimal control of the welding puddle, especially in the vertical down position. Power Root results are extremely easy to adjust, therefore making it easier for welders without a great deal of experience to work on these types of seams.

    HAC (Hybrid Arc Control): This function allows you to have a short spray arc with much greater penetration of the root, it also helps to achieve higher welding speeds with reduced edge cutting and spatter. On thinner materials the HAC gives an extremely smooth and controlled short arc, even when welding at lower parameters. With its good edge wetting action and low heat input, this helps to reduce distortion especially when welding on thin material. HAC delivers the optimal fusion on the bead’s edges whilst in short arc welding, this helps to make overhead and vertical up position welding much easier to achieve. HAC also allows thinner plates to be welded in the vertical down position, even with gaps of up to 5mm wide. The innovative arc control HAC also ensures optimal strikes are achieved at all times, helping to avoid initial blows and minimizing the likelihood of spatter in most operating conditions.

    The Pioneer 403MSR invertors undergo a very strict dust test. This is to ensure the safety and reliability of all electronic parts inside the generator are fully insulated from the ingress of dust, which are often produced in the work place by applications such as grinding. The ingress of dust is often one of the main reason that the electronic components in a welding machine fail.

    Pioneer 402MSR Specification:

    Mains Voltage: 3 x 400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz 3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz

    Mains protection: 25 Amps.

    Working cycle (40°C): 400 Amps @ 100%

    Current Range: 10 Amps – 400 Amps.

    IP: 23

    Welding modes: MIG/MAG

    Size (L x D x H):  1370 x 460 x 990mm

    Power source weight: 110 Kg

    WF 203 Wire Feeder Features:

    The WF-203 wire feeder is equipped with an extremely simple and user – friendly control panel, this ensures quick and easy access to all of the features incorporated on the feeder.

    Burn back Wire cut, a neat end is produce on the wire at the end of each welding operation, this eliminates a ball of metal forming at the end of the wire. This ensures an optimal next strike and reduces the amount of spatter being produced.

    Soft Start: The approaching speed of wire and welding dynamics are totally synergic giving extremely low spatter at start, on most types of material.

    Easy to select synergic welding curves, simply set the desire synergic curve, select main welding parameter, set main welding parameter, and you are ready to weld.

    4 Roll wire feed system with adjustable wire feed pressure to ensure uninterrupted wire feeding on a variety of wire types.

    Pre and Post gas delivery for before the welding arc is created and after the welding arc is extinguished,  this helps to create an uncontaminated atmosphere. This is useful when welding at high current values or with materials that oxidise readily when the weld pool cools.

    Gas flow adjustment button opens the gas solenoid valve to fill the circuit and calibrate the pressure with the regulator and flow meter on the gas cylinder.

    Various torch trigger selections are available to ensure the best possible results on more difficult to perform processes. 3T special allows you to set and recall 3 different current levels by pushing the trigger switch in order to achieve top quality weld beads, highly recommended when aluminium welding.

    Personalized welding settings, or jobs can be stored in the memory locations and can subsequently be uploaded when required, up to 99 jobs can be saved. This function is unrivalled when application repeatability is required and set welding parameters need to be achieved.

    Locking facility, this procedure inhibits unit adjustments, allowing the user to modify only certain settings depending on the selected lock status, this prevents accidental alteration of the welding settings by the operator, helps to set welding parameters.

    Euro adaptor connector for  MIG/MAG torch connection.

    WF203 Wire Feeder Specification:

    Supply voltage: 42 VDC.

    Work duty cycle: 450 amp @ 100 %

    Motor speed: 1.5 – 24.0 m/min

    Maximum Wire spool: (dimensions/weight) 300 mm / 18 kg

    Feed Roller size: 37mm

                                    Fe 0.6 – 1.6 mm

                                    Al 0.8 – 3.2 mm

                                    FCW 1.0 – 3.2 mm

    Dimensions ( L x D x H ) 385 x 690 x 440 mm

    Weight: 15.8 kg

    3 Year Warranty