About Metal Fabrication Supplies


Excellent Customer Service

Our conscientious team are committed to delivering products that perform Faster, Safer, and Longer than alternatives to all customers.

Knowledgeable Team

With countless years of industry experience, our specialists have unrivalled knowledge and problem-solving ability.

Peace of Mind

We exclusively offer extended warranties across our carefully selected power tool brands, over and above the manufacturer’s warranty period.   

Supplying welding supplies and consumables direct to the Metal Fabrication industry since 1973

Metal Fabrication Supplies is a company with a team dedicated to meeting the needs of the metal fabrication industry, by offering a complete sales and service programme to aid the processes of sawing, welding, weld removal, surface finishing, fixing and stock inventory management.

Our products are selected to either work faster, last longer or increase safety. We are committed to constantly improving both ours and our customers’ processes, ensuring we always deliver products that perform Faster, Safer, and Longer than alternatives.

Derby Industrial Power Tools was founded in 1973 by the current chairman and his wife, working from their home in Derby. 18 months later, Derby Industrial Power Tools moved into its first premises in Canal Street, Derby and took on its first employee. The company continued to expand in 1975 with dedicated sales personnel to deliver the company’s Faster, Safer, Longer proposition.

A year later, Derby Industrial Power Tools set up their first workshop to ensure an excellent after sales service was consistently delivered, and the business started to operate beyond the confines of Derbyshire.

Over time Derby Industrial Power Tools was shortened to DIPT and the range was expanded to provide specialist products to our target markets.

Why get your welding supplies direct from Metal Fabs?

  • We supply all our welding equipment and products including power tools direct to the whole of the UK using the reliable FedEx next day delivery service.
  • Our fully bar-coded warehouse and picking process ensures that orders are delivered on-time, with our goal of zero errors.
  • Using our bespoke online portal is proven to substantially reduce procurement and administration times. Orders can be placed from, and delivered to, multi-locations whilst still being controlled centrally.
  • A large proportion of power tools are supplied with additional warranty cover, over and above the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • If it does break – We take care of the entire repair process and you will receive priority status within our Service Centre.
  • We provide a welding validation service – all equipment is tested to the manufacturing standards and conform to EN50504/2008.
  • All warranties are registered by us with the manufacturer, and serial numbers are stored against your customer file. If there is a problem, we take all the aggro out of sorting out the repair.