24/7 ordering of all your items

Access to your online account always available. Allows ordering at a time to suit you.

No invoice queries

Credit notes and invoice queries are a thing of the past, thanks to our transparent price policy.

Multi-location deliveries

Option to select one of your predetermined addresses for a faster and easier process.

Order history

All orders placed through our portal can be accessed through your order history for easy repeat ordering.

What is an order pad?

An order pad is a list, made up of items which are purchased on a regular basis. This makes the ordering process much quicker and eliminating possible errors. Orders can also be placed from multiple locations, whilst still being controlled centrally. Order pads can be created on your behalf by our customer service team, or simply ‘add to favourites’ before dropping the item in to your basket.

Manage your users

Additional users can be registered within your account with the main account holders authorisation. They will be able to place orders under your agreed terms and you can also request approval. As their supervisor, you can revoke their access at any time.

Manage your deliveries

Your address book enables you to collate a list of delivery addresses, whether they are sites or other delivery locations. You will be given the option at checkout to select one of your predetermined addresses for a faster, easier and more accurate process.

Watch our video below to see the benefits of using our bespoke online ordering portal: