Welding Equipment Calibration

Welding Machine Calibration is vital for quality control and repeatable performance to qualified welding procedures.

It is vital that the calibration of your welding equipment metres is validated annually.


TESTED TO EN 50504: 2008



Why is welding calibration important?

To ensure that your welding machine is operating at the appropriate levels, it is important that your equipment is calibrated. If you are performing welding tasks on welding machines which have not been calibrated, it could create an environment where welder errors are possible, which may lead to costly rework. Having your welding equipment calibrated prior to beginning any new welding procedures, will also ensure the procedures written are carried out in a controlled environment. This guarantees that the welding procedures performed on your welding equipment are accurate. Welding experts recommend that your welding equipment is calibrated annually and that any calibration procedures that are performed, should be written in to ISO specifications.

Calibration of your welding equipment can be built in to coincide with a regular maintenance schedule of your welding equipment. A preventative maintenance programme also helps to meet the needs required to satisfy BS EN 1090 CE marking requirements. This is mostly in place within the structural steel sectors. Each piece of equipment is issued with a service certificate, cataloguing every part of the equipment subjected to inspection. Regular servicing and the general upkeep of your welding equipment can also go a long way to increasing the equipment’s reliability. Whilst at the same time eliminating costly repairs and down time of your equipment.

Why choose us for your welding calibration?

All of our test and certification equipment is calibrated by independent authorities and calibrations undertaken in accordance to EN 50504: 2008. This helps to assist our customers to meet the ISO9000 quality requirements that form part of the conformance needed to satisfy BS EN 1090 structural steel CE marking.

Operating primarily across the Midlands, our team of highly qualified service engineers are trained to deal with your welding machine calibration and service requirements, either at our state-of-the-art in house service centre or on your premises.

Please note the calibration of welding equipment can only be carried out on machines which are fitted with meters, in order to determine whether the indications are within required tolerances to the actual output.

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