Fein KBE 36 QW MagSpeed Mag Drill

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Do you want to reduce your drilling time by 75%, and increase productivity by 275%?

The innovative, wear-resistant HM ULTRA SPEED 35 cutter unleashes its full power in combination with the Fein KBE 36 QW MagSpeed Mag Drill. There is no cheaper way to drill with a magnetic core drill. Your costs per drill hole are reduced significantly, at Metal Fabs we’ll be giving away TWO Fein HM Ultraspeed TCT Cutters for FREE with each Fein KBE 36 QW Magspeed Drill. Simply enter which sizes you require in Special Instructions within the Payment Page.

Battle Of The Magnetic Core Drills

✅ Halves drilling times previously known on the market and maximum cutting performance thanks to a stable load speed of 620 rpm!
✅ High stability and extremely low-wear machine concept with brushless 1,600 W high-power motor and internal motor cord!
✅ Unique durability thanks to the design of mechanical components for 240,000 drill holes. This corresponds to an operating time of 760h!
✅ Very safe to align and use thanks to high magnetic holding force, comfort magnetic holding force display, and tilt-motion sensor to stop the machine in case of slipping or tilting!

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