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Gedore brings you the Dremometer Torque Wrench

The workshop-friendly Dremometer Torque Wrench is both lightweight and robust. It provides maximum precision even when subjected to continuous use.


All across the world there are people working safer and more efficiently with Gedore tools. Striving to create intelligent needs-based solutions, Gedore tools are innovative, powerful and reliable, and the Dremometer Torque Wrench is no exception.

For use in almost all industrial manufacturing areas, the Dremometer Torque Wrench ensures no inaccuracies. Providing fast and safe torque tightening, this tool is easy to operate with a high degree of user safety.


Why invest in the Dremometer Torque Wrench?

  • Lightweight Construction – The aluminium housing and the ergonomically designed handgrip enable simple and safe operation over wide tightening ranges.
  • Automatic Resetting – The Dremometer gives the operator an audible signal and tactile impulse and is back in operation in an instant.
  • Robust and Unsusceptible – The full-metal construction of the Dremometer makes it particularly unsusceptible to grime and rough handling on construction sites, in workshops and in industry.


For full specification, see below our range of Gedore Dremometer Torque Wrenches:

Gedore 8561-01 Dremometer Torque Wrench

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Gedore 8573-00 Dremometer Torque Wrench

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Gedore 8562-001 Dremometer Torque Wrench

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