Local Exhaust Ventilation for Welding

Local exhaust ventilation technology for welding from Metal Fabrication Supplies & Kemper.

We have aligned ourselves with Kemper who have been providing optimum safety and employee protection in the workplace for more than 40 years.

Kemper have the right solution for most situations when it comes to local exhaust ventilation for welding. Kemper’s technology of extracting welding fumes from the surrounding air, not only ensures clean air at the workplace, but also leads to greater employee satisfaction. Kemper offer a thorough examination test at least every 14 months and keep the records for a minimum of five years.

See below a range of local exhaust ventilation for welding.

Mobile Filter Units

Used for welding fume extraction and are particularly flexible due to their high mobility.

Stationary Extraction Systems

Ideal for workplaces with fixed working positions or booths around the workshop.

Central Extraction Systems

Compact welding fume extraction units which are equipped with filter cartridges, suitable for setting up central extraction systems.

High-vacuum Extraction

High-vacuum extraction units for individual workplaces, units for groups of up to four workplaces, right up to systems for welding torch extraction in large welding shops.

General Ventilation Systems

 Whether displacement or mixed ventilation system: Hall ventilation or room ventilation for welding fumes is more than just a supplement to spot extraction.

Exhaust Arms and Fans

Exhaust arms capture welding fumes directly at the point of origin. Exhaust fans are suitable up to large installations with central fans for serval workplaces.

Extraction and Cutting Tables

Extraction tables are convincing due to balanced extraction performance with a modular concept.

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