3M™ 769F 115mm Mop Discs for Inox & Mild Steel.

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Product Overview

  • 3M Precision-Shaped Grain uses 3M microreplication technology to continually form sharp peaks that easily “slice” through metal, cutting cooler, faster and lasting much longer than conventional abrasive grain. This also means more consistent performance with fewer disc changes enabling you to remove more material and achieve more work over the life of your disc. Conventional abrasive grain tends to plough through the metal, this tends to cause more heat to build up on the workpiece and the abrasive, which more often than not results in a slower, less consistent cut and premature disc life.

    3M’s Precision-Shaped Grain technology can also help to reduce, exposure levels associated with hand-arm vibration (HAVS), airborne particles and noise hazards in the workplace when compared with traditional abrasives. The self-sharpening abrasive requires far less pressure, and slices through the metal, cutting faster helping to minimise trigger times spent holding vibrating tools. The swarf created is much larger and longer than swarf from traditional abrasives and will stay airborne for shorter periods of time, thus helping to reduce the exposure to airborne hazards. Noise exposure can also be reduced by completing the application quicker and using abrasives that create less noise.

    The 3M™ 769F mop discs bring the science of Precision-Shaped Grain technology to this generation of abrasive flap discs. The 3M™ 769F mop discs can produce more work than conventional alumina zirconia discs, thanks to an innovative construction that utilizes the 3M™ Precision-Shaped Grain technology. The Precision-Shaped Grain used in the 3M™ 769F mop discs stays sharper for much longer, ensuring that you can get more work done over the life of the flap disc. Its fast-cutting action helps you power through a wide variety of metalworking jobs quickly, increasing productivity.

    During the work process, the 3M™ 769F mop discs are much easy to control, there’s less chance of gouging and they will deliver an excellent finish compared with that of a traditional grinding disc. The 3M™ 769F mop disc will often produce a finish equivalent to a finer grade down of a fibre disc. For example, a 40-grit flap disc will usually leave a finish very similar to a 60-grit fibre disc, this can save time and finishing steps with less chance of gouging. The unique construction of flap discs makes them ideal for applications where fast cutting and final finish are a priority.

    3M™ 769F mop discs are a type 29 mop disc which have a conical shape and are ideal for use on all types of angle grinders, with the correct spindle and speed rating. They can work from an angle of 15-25°. This angle allows the mop disc to be used for both edge and contouring work. They are favoured due to their angle which allows the operator to have greater control and surface coverage for stock removal on flat surfaces.

    The 3M™ 769F mop discs are ideal for use on carbon steel, stainless steel, and other heat-sensitive alloys, and can cover a wide range of applications from removing welds, plate bevelling to surface preparation.

    Maximum Speed; 12,000rpm (80m/s)