3M™ Adflo™ Respiratory Systems Li-ion Batteries

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Product Overview

  • This next  generation of  3M Adflo powered air respirator ambient air filtration unit is designed to connect directly to all 3M helmets and head tops, consumable parts are compatible with the existing Adflo units.

    3M™ Adflo™ respirator is a light, compact, all-in-one system. The exclusive "stackable" configuration of the Adflo™ turbo unit means that a gas filter can be stacked onto the particle filter  for additional protection  from specific organic, inorganic and acidic vapours.

    The Lithium ion re-chargeable battery is more than 40% lighter than original Adflo with NiMH battery offering greater user comfort.

    Filter indicator automatically shows status of installed filters when respirator is turned on ensuring maximum life from the filters.

    Versatile filter replacement system allows for individual filters to be replaced while others can remain in place

    Variable air flow the user can adjust air supply from approx. 170-200 l/min to suit a wide range of working environments and temperatures.

    Fully adjustable thick leather belt, 810 mm expanding to 1340 mm maximum length, extremely durable designed to withstand sparks and other contaminants, wide profile for extra comfort and back support.

    Main body including standard battery 230mm (W) x 179mm ( H)  x  67 mm ( D), weight  1219 grams.

    Main body including heavy duty battery  230mm (W) x 205mm (H)  x 67 mm  (D)  weight 1392 grams.

    Adflo PAPR respirator systems are supplied with, adjustable breathing hose, airflow indicator, prefilter, spark arrestor, particle filter, battery, leather belt & charger.