Alfra TMH50 Hand Lifting Magnet 50kg

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Manufacturers Part No: 41100H
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Product Overview

  • The Alfra TMH50 hand lifting magnet with a weight of less than 1.8kg will safely hold up to 50kg when lifting horizontal and up to 30kg when lifting vertical.


    Hardened steel base with TiN coating for a long lifetime at simultaneously low airgap, avoids damages of the lower surface.

    Maximum lifting capacity of 50kg even from 3 mm sheet steel S235.

    Protects hands and fingers from hot and sharp steel.


    Invaluable for anyone moving steel parts from one place to another, makes stacking and destacking plates simple.

    Technical Specification:

    Length 190mm x Width 124mm x Height x 100 mm

    Weight: 1.6 kg

    Lifting Capacity in the horizontal position:

    30kg on 2mm thick sheet steel S235

    50kg on 3mm and above sheet steel S235

    Lifting Capacity in the vertical position:

    10kg on 2mm thick sheet steel.S235

    25kg on 3mm thick sheet steel S235

    35kg on 5mm and above sheet steel S235