Elga P48M E7018 Unalloyed Drypac Electrodes

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Product Overview

  • P 48M is a basic coated low hydrogen DC+ electrode designed for welding mild and higher strength steels.

         It is particularly suitable for heavily restrained sections and also steels with higher impurity levels


       The electrode operates with a very smooth and stable arc and shows no tendency to ”freeze”, even on low current.


        Root passes can be welded with DC-.

       P 48M has very good fracture toughness at temperatures down to -50 °C.


       AWS A5.1  E7018-1 H4R*

       EN ISO 2560-A  E 42 5 B 42 H5

       EN 499 E 42 5 B 42 H5


       Mechanical properties:


       Tensile strength, Rm:      560 MPa

       Elongation, A5:                28%

       Impactenergy, CV:         -40 °C · 80 J

                                           -46 °C · 70 J

                                           -50 °C · 60 J

      Coating type: BasicWelding

      Current:  DC+/(-)