Fein AKBU35 18V 35mm Mag Drill c/w 2 x 5.2Ah Batts

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Product Overview

  • The Fein AKBU 35 is a compact but powerful single-speed cordless permanent magnet drilling machine, offering cordless flexibility for most drilling applications, such as core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, countersinking and reaming. With its MT2 tool mounting and maximum functionality, it’s the ideal machine for mobile working on either site or in the work shop to eliminate the hazards of trailing extension leads.


    The Fein PowerDrive motor with its tacho electronics ensure that the electronic speed setting speeds are maintained, even under load.

    A swivel-mount helps to protect the motor cable when the rack is moved up and down, even in the toughest of industrial applications.

    Fein safety cell technology is designed to protect the battery and machine from overload, overheating and total battery discharge.

    Fein HighPower Li-ion battery continually deliver high power output, with 75% higher current rating when compared to a standard Li-ion battery.

    The simple operator interface is easy to use and can always be clearly seen by the user, this helps to eliminate any possible errors.

    Magnetic holding force display indicates to the operator the magnet holding power, flashing green indicates the magnet holding power is insufficient but can be operated with reduced feed. When the green button lights up permanently, then the magnet holding power is sufficient and it’s safe to start the operation at normal feed.

    The extra narrow permanent magnet with magnetic bias and three position magnet control, off, 30% and 100% holding force, enables simple and flexible alignment of the tool to the workpiece, including vertical and overhead alignment.

    An angle prism on the base of the magnet ensures safe positioning and makes it ideal for holding on to cylindrical and other complex workpieces.

    A tilt sensor in the machine detects any movement and stops the motor automatically.

    Speed saving "memory function" stores the last set speed automatically.


    Max. core drill ⌀ 35mm

    Max. drilling depth 50 (75)mm

    Max. twist drill ⌀ 18mm

    Max. countersinking ⌀ 30mm

    Max. tapping: M14

    Max. reaming ⌀ 18mm

    Tool mounting: MT2

    No load speed: 135 / 520 rpm

    Core bit holder. Weldon 3/4" (19mm)

    Stroke length: 260mm

    Magnetic holding force: 9000N

    Magnetic foot dimensions. 195 x 70 x 52mm

    Weight: 12.8kg

    Included as Standard: 2 x 18V (5.2Ah) High Power Li-ion Batteries, ALG 50 Charger, Coolant Pump, Lashing Strap, Swarf Hook, Entering Pin, Contact Guard & Case.


    3 Years Warranty on all Fein Power Tools when registered.