GasiQ Optimator Adjustable Regulator Argon Side Entry Nevoc

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Product Overview

  • GasiQ Optimator Adjustable Regulator Argon is a high-performance multi-stage regulator with built-in economiser and flow meter.


    Mostly used for advanced gas shielded welding applications, where it will reduce the total welding cost by decreasing the gas consumption by up to 50%. In addition, reduced porosity sensitivity improves weld quality.

    Two stage function will give a stable gas flow even when the cylinder pressure drops.

    All welders know the cost of welding wire per kilo, but do you know what shielding gas costs per metre of weld? It costs at least as much as the wire. Optimator is a regulator that was designed from the start with a specific purpose – to save gas.

    High quality of the welded joint produces something you get for free. Every time you start a traditional regulator, a large amount of gas is lost to no avail.

    Has an optimum start flow that is just a quarter of a traditional regulator, right from the first second.

    Unique two-stage reduction valve has been developed for qualified shielding gas welding.

    The second stage is extremely pressure sensitive and reduces the gas surge that normally occurs at start-up, saving large amounts of shielding gas.

    The even start flow also provides a higher quality weld since you avoid turbulence.

    Risk for pores in the welded joint is minimised.

    Genuine GasiQ Regulator from an authorised partner: 3737-4000


    Gas: Argon-mix

    Connection inlet: W30x2

    Connection outlet: G3/8"

    Maximum Input pressure: 300 bar

    Scale flow meter: 0-34 L/min

    Compliance with ISO 2503: Yes

    Weight: 1.85kg