Gedore ½” Square Drive Dremometer Torque Wrench 40 – 200Nm

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Product Overview

  • For use in almost all industrial manufacturing areas, the Gedore 8573-00 Dremometer Torque Wrench provides controlled screw tightening in the range from 40 – 200 N-m.


    Classified according to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017 Type II Class A, incl. traceable test certificate, calibrated to a maximum permissible deviation of +/- 3 %

    High accuracy and long-life cycle due to the integrated lever chain that reduces the strain on the measuring mechanics to a minimum which means that the measuring mechanics can thus be constructed with much greater sensitivity.

    The nice to hold handgrip enables safe work and less operator fatigue leading to a high level of dependability even following tough long term work.

    1/2" square drive with ball locking device.

    Automatic short-path actuation with tactile impulse and audible signal.

    Dual scale with a scale graduation of 5 N·m.

    With push-button release.

    Lightweight yet robust, as the housing is made of an aluminium alloy, and resilient, very workshop friendly.

    No inaccuracies whether used with both hands or held away from the handle.

    Both the square drive and fulcrum are on an axis which ensures a high degree of user safety; can be extended to reduce the user’s working load.

    Extremely low wear attributable to reduced forces in a lever mechanism.

    Forged lever chain from our group own quality forge.

    Maximum precision even when subjected to extreme continuous use.

    Long life cycles and tool lives.

    Easy operation for fast and safe torque tightening.

    Easy adjustment thanks to attractive adjusting button secured against loss at the end of the handle.

    Single- and double-square drive for controlled bi-directional tightening.


    Torque (max.) [N·m]: 200 N·m

    Torque (min.) [N·m]: 40 N·m

    Weight: 1.4 kg