HMT Goldmax HSS Weldon Shank 90° Countersink

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Product Overview

  • HMT Goldmax  HSS 90º Countersinks with a 3/4" weldon shank are designed to be used with most types of magnetic broaching machines.


    HMT GoldMax™ countersinks are specially coated for increased tool life, even when used without lubricant.

    GoldMax™ coating keeps countersinks sharp much longer than standard HSS tools. saving money through longer tooling life.

    Standard 19.05mm weldon shank for use in all standard magnet drills.

    3 cutting edges, smooth chamfering, high surface finish.

    Rpm in Structural Steel < 500Nm 

    30mm Countersink = 155 Rpm


    40mm Countersink = 120 Rpm

    55mm Countersink = 95 Rpm

    Rpm in Stainless Steel 


    30mm Countersink = 35 Rpm


    40mm Countersink = 30 Rpm

    55mm Countersink = 25 Rpm