Klingspor SM611 Flap Grinding Wheels for Graining Machines

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Product Overview

  • SM611 abrasive flap wheels for use on graining machines with a 19mm key way bore.

    SM611 flap wheels are one of the most underestimated and underutilized abrasive finishing tools for finishing or cleaning on shaped parts, convex, concave and flat surfaces.

    Whether working on metal, wood, plastics, or a variety of other substances, you’ll achieve maximum results with SM 611 flap wheels for removing rust, oxide layers and scratches from mild or stainless steel surfaces.

    The SM611 wheels will give a constant finish through the whole live of the product.

    Resin bonded aluminium oxide grain.

    Diameter Available: 100mm x 19mm bore

    Widths Available: 50mm or 100mm