Lenox Gold Demolition Recipro Blades for Wood – Packs of 5

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Product Overview

  • Lenox Gold Recipro Saw Blades for demolition work in wood, including wood with nails!

    Bi-metal design stands up to the most demanding applications making the Lenox Gold recipro blades the longest lasting blades ever! 

    Reinforced tooth design and precision applied titanium coating dissipates heat for even longer blade life.

    Titanium coating makes teeth more wear resistant so they stay sharp for quicker cuts.

    Available in two different lengths for specific applications – 152 and 229mm.

    Both lengths of blade are 1.6mm thick for minimal flexibility and consistent cutting performance.  

    Bi-metal construction ensures the blades do not shatter in use.

    4.2mm tooth pitch or 6 tpi.

    Standard fitting suits most brands of reciprocating saws.

    Packed in 5’s.