Maxitek 5m & 8m Class I Professional Tape Measure Twin Pack

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Product Overview

  • Ultimate Precision Class I accuracy… more than twice as accurate compared to a conventional Class II tape measure.

    Impressive accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.6mm based on the 5 metre blade length.

    Impressive accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.9mm based on the 8 metre blade length.

    Ergonomic and comfortable rubber grip with firm blade lock.

    Curved 25mm wide blade ensures long stand out of over 2 metres.

    Easy to read clear metric measurements markings on a non-reflective blade.

    Measurements on both sides of the blade make it easier to measure overhead and also avoids parallax error.

    Parallax error occurs due to the curved nature of the blade; turning the blade over ensures the edge of the blade is in contact with the surface being measured and marked for improved accuracy.

    The blade is nylon coated for maximum rip and wear resistance.

    True zero end hook, held with three rivets, adjusts to compensate for the thickness of the hook when taking internal or external measurements.

    Slot in the end hook can be used to grab a screw or nail head, eliminating the requirement for second person to hold the end of the tape.

    End hook slot can also be used as a centre-point to scribe a circle at a desired radius.

    Belt clip and carry loop ensure easy transportation and storage.

    Carry loop can also be tethered to a safety lanyard when working at height.