Maxitek Sumogrip Foil Adhesive & MG400 Duo Flow Gun Bundle

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Product Overview

  • Great value bundle pack containing 25 foil packs of Maxitek Sumogrip Grab Adhesive and the Maxitek MG400 Duo Flow professional applicator gun – netts down to the bulk buy box rate plus applicator gun free!

    Sumogrip Foil is a fusion polymer high grab adhesive, for virtually any bonding application – white in colour.

    Foil packs are physically a similar size to traditional cartridges, yet contain approximately 35% more product.

    Once consumed, the volume of waste is only circa. 5%, compared to traditional cartridges, reducing both the cost of waste disposal and plastic pollution. 

    Sumogrip Foil has a very high initial grab and final bond strength, outperforming all other traditional grab adhesives.

    Does not immediately ‘skin-over’ when bonding larger items such as skirting boards.

    Guns out like a silicone – medium gunability.

    Comparable to Sumogrip Original; can also be used for sealing and filling applications – over-paintable when cured.

    Permanently flexible; will not shrink or crack.

    Adheres to virtually any substrate, in dry or wet conditions – even underwater!

    Designed for internal or external applications.

    Solvent-free – does not contain any solvents, halogens, isocyanates or acids.

    Environmentally and user friendly – odourless and non-staining.

    Use anytime, in any trade, on virtually any material, for many applications.

    400ml foil pack; compatible with Duo Flow 400ml mastic gun or any other foil or sausage pack mastic gun applicator.

    Don’t stick it… Don’t seal it… Sumo it!

    Maxitek MG400 Duo Flow 400ml heavy duty professional applicator gun.

    Unique design for dispensing foil or sausage packs up to 400ml, as well as standard cartridges up to 380ml.

    Tool-less removable plunger quickly converts from foil pack applicator gun to traditional cartridge mastic gun.

    Trigger thrust ratio: 12:1 – the perfect ratio for an ‘all-round’ universal mastic gun.

    Easy to control the flow of the material, which is essential for neat and accurate sealing applications.

    Patented adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps and set the trigger for varying hand sizes for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.

    Features a robust translucent polypropylene barrel; allows the user to easily identify the contents without having to unscrew the end of the gun.

    Built in puncture tool and hook end for convenient storage.

    Dripless design, with an auto release recoil device, minimises mess and waste.

    Designed for use with any low to medium viscosity materials such as silicone sealants, grab adhesives, all-in-one sealants & adhesives, acrylic sealants, caulks and fillers.