Metabo ASA30 M Class Vacuum Dust Extractor

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Product Overview

  • The Metabo ASA30 M Class Vacuum Dust Extractor Is a compact vacuum cleaner and extractor suitable for use on construction sites and in workshops. It is ideal for mobile use due to low weight and compact assembly. It is certified in accordance with EU standard for M class dust extractors.


    Fast coupling of metaBOXes for easy transport of tools and accessories, promoting a clean and well organised working area. 

    Wet or dry capability and suitable for dusts that can safely be extracted with an M Class extractor such as; wood, masonry, paint, fillers and plaster.

    When vacuuming liquids, the machine is automatically stopped once the maximum fill level is reached.

    Automatic power take off enabling the machine to start and stop when the connected power tool is switched on or off.

    Filter cleaning by way of a ‘push to clean’ button located on the M Class vacuum cleaner.

    Warning signal to alert the user should a blockage occur.

    To ensure the hose is completely cleared of dust, the M Class vacuum cleaner will remain on for a few seconds after it has been switched off.

    Antistatic accessories prevent annoying static shocks and limit dust deposits building up on the case and hose of the extractor.

    An internal storage compartment allows accessories and nozzles to be neatly packed away when not in use. Cable and hose brackets keep the extractor compact and make it easy to transport and manoeuvre.

    Power tool hose adaptor connects to a wide range of dust extraction ports from numerous power tool manufacturers.

    Complete floor tool set transforms this M class extractor into an M class vacuum cleaner making it ideal for site and workshop cleaning duties.

    Long 8 mtr power cord allows easy access to large areas.


    Rated input power: 1200 W

    Air output max.: 4,200 l/min

    Vacuum: 225 hPa (mbar)

    Container volume: 30 l

    Weight: 10.8 kg

    Included as standard: Anti-static Suction Hose 32mm ID x 4mtr, Power Tool Hose Adaptor Ø 28/35 mm, Large Power Tool Hose Adaptor Ø 40/45 mm,  Floor Tool Connecting Elbow, 3 x Steel Suction Pipes, Round Vacuum Brush, 120mm Suction Nozzle, 360mm Floor Nozzle,  1 x Fleece Filter Bag, 1 x Crevice Nozzle, 1 x PE Dust Bag.

    3 Years Warranty on all Metabo Power Tools including Batteries & Chargers (including all Metabo Dust Extra