Paslode Electro-Galv PPN35 Twist Nail & Fuel Trade Packs

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Product Overview

  • Genuine Paslode Nail and Fuel trade packs for use with the PPN35Ci Positive Placement Nailing Tool – supplied complete with fuel cells.

    Angled 34° strip nails with efficient paper collation that reduces blank and misfires, even in cold weather.

    CE compliant hardened twist nails for nailing connectors and hangers into solid wood.

    Service Class 1 and 2 electro galvanised finish (12µm coating) nails can be used internally and also externally when protected or covered.

    All nails are 3.4mm diameter x 35mm long and feature a square twisted shank.

    The fuel cells deliver a high quality lubricant into the tool chamber with each shot, preventing a high carbon build-up for extended service life whilst maintaining the tool at an optimum performance level.

    The SERIES-i cell also features an intelligent fuel injection system that delivers the exact dosage of fuel required for the temperature, ensuring maximum performance levels down to temperatures of -15°C and minimising excess gas wastage.

    The Paslode System of Tool, Gas and Nail meets the EN792-13 European Safety Standard.

    Paslode nails are hexavalent chromium, cadmium and lead free, thus reducing harmful chemicals going into the environment.

    All nails comply to Eurocode 5, tested according to ETA-09/0273, and are also CE marked – a requirement for most construction applications.

    Trade Pack: Box of 2500 nails supplied with 2 fuel cells – enough to fire all nails effectively.

    Used in the joinery and carpentry trades for joist hangers, truss clips, sole brackets, restraint straps, connector plates, z-clips plus other general construction trade applications where a 35mm twist nail can be used.