Spit HC6 Pulsa Nail & Fuel Packs for Concrete & Steel

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Product Overview

  • HC6 high performance Pulsa pins with gas, for fixing in to steel, hard and pre-stressed concrete. For use with the Pulsa 800P+, 800E, 40P+ and 40E gas nailing machines.


    The Pulsa System of Tool, Gas and Nail meets the EN792-13 European Safety Standard.

    Used in the drylining, fire protection, concrete flooring, mechanical and electrical trades.

    Collation stays intact when fixed to form a plastic washer.

    HC6 nails are designed for use in steel and concrete with a density of up to and greater than C25 strength.

    The 40mm nail is a flush head, leaving no plastic washer, and C6 type for concrete with a density of C25 strength or less (HC6 nails not available in 40mm length).

    Other lengths of C6 standard pins are available to order, but HC6 is recommended where possible, due to higher performance and greater strength.  

    10 strip nail collation; suitable for 20 and 50 magazine tools.

    Box Quantity: 500 nails plus one fuel cell.

    All Pulsa nails are CE marked.

    Genuine ITW Spit branded product from an authorised partner: 057540, 057541, 05742, 057543, 057544, 057550, 057551, 057552, 057553, 057554

    Pin Selection Guide:


    Fixture Thickness                         







    HC6 15mm

    HC6 17mm

    HC6 22mm

    HC6 27mm

    HC6 32mm

    Hard Concrete

    HC6 17mm

    HC6 22mm

    HC6 27mm

    HC6 32mm


    Concrete & Brick

    HC6 22mm

    HC6 22/27mm

    HC6 27/32mm

    HC6 32mm

    C6FH 40mm

    Min. Fixture Thickness: 5mm