Tigama 18FX Flexi Head TIG Welding Torch – Body

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Product Overview

  • CK 18FX water cooled TIG torch bodies are rated at 350 amps at 100% duty cycle on ACHF or DCSP.

    Up to 4 x larger the MAX-FLO water jacket design will run much cooler than traditional torch bodies, resulting in much longer consumable and torch body life.

    CK18 FX torch bodies are one of the smallest 350 amps, 100% duty cycle rated torch bodies on the market today, and they are perfect for heavy-duty or intricate applications where torch control is critical.

    The torch body uses standard or large diameter gas saver front end parts, it can also be fitted with WP 17 and 26 type consumables by changing to the relevant heat shield.

    70 degree flexible head for hard to reach applications.