Wera 23pce 1/4" Safe-Torque Wrench Set 2 – 12Nm

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Product Overview

  • 23-piece set; in surface-friendly, compact and extremely robust textile box. Small size and low weight for better mobility.

    1 Safe-Torque A 2 torque wrench with 1/4" hexagonal drive, measuring range 2-12 Nm; for controlled clockwise and counterclockwise torque operation; tightening and loosening with or without torque, disengageable torque function (Torque Lock function); 72 teeth; low return angle of 5°; easy setting and saving of the desired torque value, with audible and tactile locking when the scale values are reached, slip-over release mechanism when the set torque is reached; ergonomic 2-component handle; 9 Zyklop sockets, 12 bits (1/4", 50 mm long), one connector for sockets (1/4" external hexagon to 1/4" external square head).


    Slip-over release mechanism – the set torque can never be overtightened.

    Torque Lock function: The torque function can be deactivated and the tool can then be used as a standard ratchet with high loosening moments and for applications with defined angles of rotation.

    For controlled clockwise and counterclockwise torque operation – tightening and loosening with or without torque.

    Easy setting and saving of the desired torque value with audible and tactile clicks when reaching the scale values.

    After the target torque has been reached, the release angle is only 30°.

    The fine toothing with 72 teeth allows for a low return angle of 5°.

    1/4" hexagon drive for the use of 1/4" bits.

    Use of 1/4" sockets also possible with the Wera adaptor 870/1.


    Safe-Torque A 2 Torque Wrench with 1/4" Hexagon Drive

    1x 2-12Nm

    8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" Socket

    1x 5.5 x 23mm

    1x 6 x 23mm

    1x 7 x 23mm

    1x 8 x 23mm

    1x 9 x 23mm

    1x 10 x 23mm

    1x 11 x 23mm

    1x 12 x 23mm

    1x 12 x 23mm

    1x 13 x 23mm

    870/1 Adaptor

    1x 1/4" x 25mm

    851/4 Z Bits

    1x PH 2x50mm

    867/4 Z Bits

    1x TX 10 x 50mm

    1x TX 15 x 50mm

    1x TX 20 x 50mm

    1x TX 25 x 50mm

    1x TX 27 x 50mm

    1x TX 30 x 50mm

    840/4 Z TORX Bits

    1x 2.5 x 50mm

    1x 3 x 50mm

    1x 4 x 50mm

    1x 5 x 50mm

    1x 6 x 50mm

    Genuine Wera accessory from an authorised partner: 05075832001