Wera 38pce Zyklop 1/4" Speed Ratchet Automotive Socket Set

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Product Overview

  • The Wera 052009 Tool Check Automotive 38pce set features ratchet, bits and sockets in a compact set.


    Ideal for working in confined spaces.

    tough viscous bits for universal use.

    Works alongside the Wera Adaptor.


    8001 A Bit Ratchet 1/4

    1x 1/4" x87mm

    870/1 Adaptor

    1x 1/4" x 25mm

    889/4/1 K Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder

    1x 1/4" x 50mm

    851/1 TZ Bits

    1x PH 1 x 25mm

    1x PH 2 x 25mm

    1x PH 3 x 25mm

    867/1 TZ TORX Bits

    1x TX 10 x 25mm

    1x TX 15 x 25mm

    1x TX 20 x 25mm

    1x TX 25 x 25mm

    1x TX 30 x 25mm

    1x TX 40 x 25mm

    867/1 Z TORX BO bits with bore hole

    1x TX 10 x 25mm

    1x TX 15 x 25mm

    1x TX 20 x 25mm

    1x TX 25 x 25mm

    1x TX 30 x 25mm

    800/1 TZ bits

    1x 1×5.5x25mm

    840/1 Z bits

    1x 3 x 25mm

    1x 4 x 25mm

    1x 5 x 25mm

    1x 6 x 25mm

    1x 8 x 25mm

    860/1 XZN Multi-point bits

    1x M 4 x 25mm

    1x M 5 x 25mm

    1x M 6 x 25mm

    1x M 8 x 25mm

    873/1 Five Lobe bits with bore hole

    1x 20x25mm

    1x 25x25mm

    1x 27x25mm

    1x 30x25mm

    8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" socket

    1x 5.5 x 23mm

    1x 6 x 23mm

    1x 7 x 23mm

    1x 8 x 23mm

    1x 10 x 23mm

    1x 12 x 23mm

    1x 13 x 23mm

    Genuine Wera accessory from an authorised partner: 05200995001