Wera 39pce Bicycle Tool Set 3 c/w Pouch

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Code: 19150
Manufacturers Part No: 05004172001
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Product Overview

  • Compact Wera 39pce Bicycle Tool Set 3 for bicycle applications, also for mobile use.


    High quality bit hand-holder with Kraftform Plus handle for comfortably ergonomic work, which avoids blisters and calluses. Hard grip zones for high working speed, soft grip zones for high torque transmission. 

    Bit ratchet for quick work when bolting by machine or by conventional hand tool is not possible due to lack of space. 

    The direct bit holder in the ratchet head and the smallest tool design allow for low working heights. Small return angle of 6° for precise work. 

    Robust drop forged full steel design. Torques of over 65 Nm. 

    The Rapidaptor bit holder with quick-turn coating can be used as an extension, for lightning-fast bit changes with only one hand without auxiliary tools of even the smallest bit sizes. Tough bits, for universal use. Hand and machine sockets for almost all applications. 

    With "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by size – for easy and fast location of the required tool. Easy to grasp even with oily hands. With ball-catching groove. For external hexagonal bolts and sockets. Made of matt-chromed chrome-vanadium.


    Zyklop Mini Ratchet 1/4"x87mm

    Bitholding Screwdriver ¼”x78mm

    Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder ¼” x 50mm

    Adaptor ¼” x 25mm

    Sockets: 5.5mm x 23mm, 6mm x 23mm, 7mm x 23mm, 8mm x 23mm, 10mm x 23mm, 13mm x 23mm, 15mm x 23mm

    Phillips: PH1 x 25mm, PH2 x 25mm, PH3 x 25mm

    Torx: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX27, TX30, TX40

    Slotted: 4mm x 25mm, 4.5mm x 25mm, 5.5mm x 25mm

    Hex-Plus: 2mm x 25mm, 2.5mm x 25mm, 3mm x 25mm, 4mm x 25mm, 5mm x 25mm, 6mm x 25mm, 8mm x 25mm

    Hex Socket: 2.5mm x 25mm, 3mm x 25mm, 4mm x 25mm, 5mm x 25mm, 6mm x 25mm

    Genuine Wera accessory from an authorised partner: 05004172001