Fein Mag Drill

Two Free Cutters with the Fein KBE36

Drilling Time Halved, Productivity Doubled.

The new Fein KBE Mag Drill is a small and lightweight single-speed endurance magnetic core drill that offers unique performance and service life even under the most challenging conditions in the workshop and on the construction site. Combined with the Fein HM Ultraspeed cutters or alone, the KBE36 will outperform and outlast any other mag drill on the market. Don’t believe us? Put us to the test and request a demonstration by filling in the form below.

To launch the KBE36 we’re giving away 2 x FREE Fein HM Ultraspeed TCT Cutters with the Fein KBE36 Mag Drill. Simply enter which sizes you require in Special Instructions within the Payment Page.

The KBE36 Up Close

  • Conquer any drilling application, even those in tight spaces, with the Fein KBE36 Mag Drill. This innovative power tool utilises an ultra-strong magnetic base to allow for precise drilling at any angle. The KBE6 Magspeed boasts exceptional power and speed, thanks to its robust motor and innovative Magspeed technology, letting you complete projects faster than ever. For unmatched performance and versatility in metal drilling, the Fein KBE6 Magspeed magnetic drill is the ultimate solution. Performance, speed, and versatility are not all the KBE36 can offer users, here are some other benefits the KBE36 brings to the table.


Battle Of The Magnetic Core Drills

No magnetic core drill in the world: drills faster or drills more! The Fein KBE36’s outstanding cutting performance has never been seen before thanks to speed and torque curve with cutting speeds of up to 70 m/min, ideal for HM ULTRA and HM ULTRA SPEED core drill bits.

Twice the productivity combined with the perfect result. Thanks to rapid work progress, you can drill up to 60 holes rather than the 30 that used to be possible at the same time.

View the video to see how the Mag Drill outperforms all competition.



Fein KBE36 36mm Magspeed Compact Mag Drill

Outstanding cutting performance that has never been seen before thanks to stable speed and torque curve with cutting speeds of up to 70 m/min – ideal for carbide core drill bits.

Unique durability for up to 240 000 holes thanks to the extremely low-wear machine concept with brushless 1600 W high-power motor and internal drill motor cable routing!

3 Years Warranty on all Fein Power Tools when registered.


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