Avesta 316L/SKR3D Electrodes for Stainless Steel

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Product Overview

  • AVESTA 316L/SKR-3D is a Cr-Ni-Mo high recovery electrode for welding ASTM 316 and 316L stainless steels.

        Avesta 3D range has been specially developed for flexible welding in all common welding positions.

        A short arc is to be used for welding.


        The slag is self-releasing and leaves an even, beautiful weld finish, even if double-sided welding is always to be preferred,

        3D electrodes give good results in single-sided welding. Weaving is essential in vertical-up welding.

        Welding current can be either DC+ or AC. However, DC+ always gives the best weldability.

        Mechanical properties;

                                                     Typical values (IIW).    Min.values EN 1600.


         Yield strength Rp0.2                420 N/mm2               320 N/mm2

         Tensile strength Rm                 575 N/mm2               510 N/mm2

         Elongation A5                          37 %                        25 %

         Impact strength KV


         +20°C                                      55 J

         –40°C                                      55 J

         Hardness approx.                     210 Brinell