QCC Bulk Pak Wire Conduits And Adaptors

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Product Overview

  • QCC conduits arerecommended for delivery of solid welding electrodes up to 2.4mm diameter, or cored wires up to 2.0mm.

    The QCC Conduit will bend into a very tight radius but to maintain optimum performance it is not recommended  not to bend it to less than a 254mm radius.

    QCC quick connect conduit are constructed to withstand the continuous flexing associated with today’s automatic or semi-automatic applications. These conduits are excellent for many “push” systems where the electrode is pushed from the feeder to the welding head. They will not stretch or compress, and are electrically insulated.

    The conduits are cut to length and fitted with swaged-on male bayonet terminations at each end to form a complete assembly. The terminations allow for quick connection into the QCC wire feed adaptor and QCC dome connector at either end of the system to allow faster wire replacement with minimal down time.

    The QCA wire feed adaptor is supplied with a range of reducer bushes,12mm,12.7mm,15.8mm,17.5mm,19mm and 22mm to suit most wire feeder inlets, and replaces the feeder manufactures inlet guides.

    The Dome adaptor kit can be either fitted to the wire drum dome or directly to the bulk pack its self.