Trafimet T Plus 15 Air Cooled MIG Torch 150A

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Product Overview

  • The Trafimet T Plus are a high performance premium quality MIG/MAG welding torch, with consumable parts which are compatible with the most other European brands. T Plus torches offer the perfect combination of ergonomics, strength and versatility, thanks to the design of the high performance torch-bodies, handles and heavy duty power cable.


    The aluminium armoured necks on the T PLUS 15 torches help to greatly withstand day to day abuse. It also ensures outstanding heat dissipation which significantly increases in the durability of the replacement parts.

    The curved handle design of the T Plus makes the torch perfectly balanced and helps to minimise operator fatigue.

    The curvature of the handle also ensures the fluid flow of the filler wire, totally elimination the possibility of any stick-slip effect. It also increases the possibility of utilizing soft welding wires which are sometimes difficult to feed.

    The T Plus torches also feature an integral swivel knuckle joint and heavy duty spring cable support. This helps to eliminate possible power cable damage and guarantees optimum balance and comfort in all welding positions.

    Maintenance time is also reduced in the event of a trigger failure. The trigger switch can be replaced easily without having the need to split the handle. By simply unscrewing and removing the trigger holding screw located on the side of the handle, you can simply slide the trigger to be substituted forward until it can be pulled out. Re-position the new trigger into the guide and push it all the way back, ensure that it makes contact with the internal pins, then screw the trigger holding screw back up tightly.

    Proven Trafimet wear parts for extended, economic service life.

    Euro type connector which fits most makes welding machines.


    Air Cooled.

    Duty Cycle @ 60%: 180amp CO2

                                       150amp Mixed Gases.

    Wire Sizes: 0.6mm to 1.0 mm

    Approximate Torch Weight: 3 Meter Torch 1.95 kg.


                                                4 Meter Torch 2.60 kg.

    Manufactured to BS EN 60974-7:2013.